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Big Truck Rental Lands McNeilus’s Latest Automation Innovation: Zero Radius™ with CartSeeker

Tampa, FL (August 9, 2021) – Big Truck Rental (BTR), North America’s top source for essential services rental trucks, has purchased a new innovation featured at Waste Expo from McNeilus® Truck and Manufacturing: the Zero Radius™ Side Loader with CartSeeker Curbside Automation. 

The truck took the spotlight in the McNeilus booth during the industry’s largest trade show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, June 28-30. The show allowed customers, partners and suppliers to collaborate together in person for the first time in more than a year. Big Truck Rental took advantage of this opportunity to learn about McNeilus’s recent advances, especially with heavy duty truck technology and automation, and picked up the latest in high-tech, simplified refuse collection vehicles.  

“We are an innovative and technology-focused organization, and the addition of the McNeilus Zero Radius Automated Side Loader sweetens our rental offerings,” said Zach Martin, President of Big Truck Rental. “This truck’s recent enhancements, including the CartSeeker Curbside Automation technology, allow us to put leading-edge technology in front of our customers. The truck is ready to go to work, so folks should reach out to BTR if they’re interested in trying it out.”

“We’re thrilled that our top-selling side loader with this innovative technology will be running with one of our loyal partners, BTR,” said Matt McLeish, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing. “Our Zero Radius Side Loader has also recently been enhanced with several field-proven upgrades, and we’re excited to get them in the hands of our customers.” 

BTR is the industry’s top nationally serviced and maintained rental fleet, which includes front loaders, side loaders, rear loaders, grapple trucks, roll-off garbage trucks, and terminal tractors.

CartSeeker Curbside Automation
McNeilus has partnered with Eagle Vision Systems to offer its patented, AI-based CartSeeker Curbside Automation. This cart-recognition technology identifies and locates curbside waste carts and fully automates the operation of the truck’s robotic lift arm without joystick manipulation. This helps with cycle times, training time, safety, predictable scheduling and maintenance.   

Zero Radius Automated Side Loader
CartSeeker is included in McNeilus’s latest enhancements for its Zero Radius Automated Side Loader, which features the largest hopper available of any side loader on the market and an extremely fast pack cycle.

This side loader offers an innovative zero-radius operation to combat clearance issues, narrow streets, and alleyways. The arm reaches, rather than swings, out to grab cans from 30 to 110 gallons. The McNeilus CODE™ system provides complete vehicle diagnostics, and the Zero Radius is also now available with Tailgate CNG. This easy-to-service, efficient CNG system is field-tested and stands up to the demands of refuse collection.

This vehicle’s durable design includes arm carriage enhancements, upgraded finger pins and finger weldments bushings. The new bolt-on wind guards mean you can replace them as often as needed. Maintenance and servicing are now easier, too, thanks to a larger access door on the truck’s street side. McNeilus CODE software updates further enhance operator experience and help improve ease of training.

About Big Truck Rental

Big Truck Rental (BTR) is North America’s leading source for essential services rental and off-rent trucks. Founded in 2002 by CEO Scott Dols, BTR provides access to these vehicles through direct sales and partner service locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. As the “Anytime, Anyway Truck Solution” provider, BTR is focused on working with operational and fleet leaders to support growth, reduce costs and maximize asset utilization with top-of-the-line new and like-new equipment.

Big Truck Rental offers a variety of rental programs to meet customer needs. Rental options include:

  • Complete Fleet for an immediate fleet upgrade and consistent monthly cost, without the burden of traditional truck-buying headaches and with the option to include a full maintenance package
  • Short-Term Rental for municipalities and independent haulers to maximize core efficiencies and reduce crises within their waste removal businesses
  • Long-Term Rental for the flexibility some customers need to grow or shrink their fleet in order to efficiently operate their businesses, with the option to include a full maintenance package
  • Rent-to-Purchase for waste haulers that require access to the latest-model trucks now
  • Instant Rental for an immediate solution that gives customers the option to take quick action when new opportunities arise
  • Customized Municipal Rental Plans for all the unique challenges that municipalities face

For more information, visit or call 888-772-0058.

About McNeilus

McNeilus Trucks and Manufacturing is an industry leader in refuse truck bodies, OEM parts and customer support and service. Their lineup of front loaders, rear loaders and automated side loaders help you handle every route more efficiently. They offer a network of service centers and mobile service techs across the country, same-day parts availability, and a variety of alternative fuel systems and services for any refuse vehicle. Whatever your challenge, they’ve been down that route before. For more information, go to

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