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Now Hiring: Operations Manager

Job Title:  Operations Manager(Ops Specialist)  Region: United States 
Direct Report: Brian Steinkamp – VP of Operations  Overnight Travel: 5% 

Company and Position Overview:  

Big Truck Rental is North America’s number-one source for essential services rental trucks. We focus on refuse by offering Front Loaders, Side Loaders, Rear Loaders, Grapple, Roll-Off, and Terminal Tractors—all backed by the only nationally serviced and maintained rental fleet in the industry.   

Big Truck Rental began in 2002 and is a growing organization that is looking to expand our already successful operations team.  Big Truck Rental is a customer-focused organization that is seeking a highly motivated and success-oriented Operations Manager.    

This position will be directly responsible for managing the process of getting rental trucks and off-rent truck sales prepared for customers as well as maximizing on rent truck performance.  This position will report to the EVP of Operations and work with team members to execute specific departmental and customer-related goals.  

Essential Job Functions: 

  • Partner, communicate and execute the repairs & maintenance process for the rental fleet and off-rent reconditioning with third-party locations across the country via technology, phone calls, and emails. 
  • Execute all processes to budgeted targets with financial responsibility of operational spend.  
  • Manage rental returns and rental readiness for U.S. fleet of hundreds of trucks. 
  • Manage truck sale readiness and quality upon delivery for truck sales. 
  • Leverage the use of technology to maximize uptime performance for rental trucks while on rent 
  • Work with OEM partners to maximize warranty recovery for the rental and off-rent fleet. 
  • Provide immediate support to customers when out-of-service events occur. 
  • Document all work through Salesforce platform to ensure data integrity. 
  • Provide essential feedback in the ongoing development and improvement of BTR processes, services, and technology. 
  • Various other operations responsibilities as needed. 


  • High School Diploma / GED 
  • Minimum 5 years’ Dealer/Fleet experience (waste industry preferred).   
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to work with a diverse customer base. 
  • Disciplined & strong ability to work in an independent environment 
  • Adequate use of applications such as Salesforce, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. 

*Please direct inquiries to Brian Steinkamp at bsteinkamp@bigtruckrental.com or (813) 564-2908

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