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What Are the Terminal Tractor Specifications?

Terminal tractors, also known as yard trucks or shunt trucks, play a crucial role in transportation and logistics, especially in freight terminals, ports, and distribution centers. These specialized vehicles are designed to transport large trailers in confined spaces.

Are you considering a terminal tractor rental? It’s important to consider which vehicle specs are right for your facility’s needs. At Big Truck Rental, we offer multiple truck models manufactured by industry leader, Autocar:

  • ACTT 4×2 DOT-compliant – for both on- and off-road use.
  • ACTT 4×2 off-road – for companies that don’t need a DOT-compliant vehicle.
  • ACTT 6×4 – A unique six-wheeled design.

The above cutting-edge terminal tractors come with their own unique configurations and specifications. Let’s check them out in more detail.

ACTT 4×2 DOT-Compliant

This versatile terminal tractor offers the following key specifications:

  1. Engine Options: You have a range of Cummins engine sizes to choose from, spanning 200 to 260 HP. This means you can tailor the power to your specific needs.
  2. Fuel Capacity: Choose between a 6- and 12-gallon fuel tank for greater flexibility in refueling schedules based on your operational needs.
  3. Transmission Choices: Select between two transmission models, the Allison 3000 RDS or Allison 3500 RDS, to suit your performance and operational requirements
  4. Suspension: Enjoy a smooth ride with double-acting, heavy-duty shock absorbers that ensure stability and comfort.
  5. Braking: The cast iron brake drums, with optional ABS, provide dependable stopping power, increasing operational safety.
  6. Rear Suspension: You have two rear suspension options: solid or rear spring with aeon cushions, allowing you to fine-tune your terminal tractor for specific tasks.
  7. Tire Variety: Choose between two tire sizes, 295/75R22.5 and 11R/280/275, to optimize traction and durability based on your operational environment.

ACTT 4×2 Off-Road

The ACTT 42 Off-Road model has the following features:

  1. Engine Range: Choose from a variety of Cummins engine sizes ranging from 146 HP to 260 HP to meet your off-road requirements.
  2. Fuel Tank Options: Similar to the DOT-compliant model, you can select a fuel tank size of 6 or 12 gallons based on your refueling preferences.
  3. Transmission Variety: Choose between the Allison 3000 RDS and 3500 RDS transmissions to tailor the performance of your tractor to your off-road tasks.
  4. Front Suspension: Flat leaf front suspension, rated for 14,500 pounds or 18,800 pounds, provides stability and load-bearing capacity.
  5. Braking System: As a result of the cast-iron brake drums, the tractor can deliver dependable stopping power, which enhances safety on the road.
  6. Rear Suspension Choices: This model, like its DOT-compliant counterpart, offers a choice between solid and rear spring rear suspension, as well as optional aeon cushions.

Tire Selection: Optimize traction and handling with two tire sizes designed for rugged off-road terrains: 295/75R22.5 and 11R/280/275.

ACTT 6×4 Off-Road

The ACTT 6×4 Off-Road model stands out with the following specifications:

  1. Engine Variety: Choose from a variety of Cummins engine sizes, including 2100, 2300, 2500, and 2600 HP, offering a range of power options for your demanding off-road tasks.
  2. Fuel Tank Options: In line with other models, you have a choice of 6 or 12-gallon fuel tanks to suit your refueling requirements.
  3. Transmission Selection: With either an Allison 3000 RDS or Allison 3500 RDS transmission, you can adjust your tractor’s performance to ensure effectiveness and power where it counts.
  4. Front Shock Absorbers: Benefit from heavy-duty, double-acting front shock absorbers that provide stability and comfort in difficult terrain.
  5. Braking Efficiency: Reliable cast iron brake drums provide responsive braking and contribute to off-road safety.
  6. Tire Variety: There are two tire sizes that can meet your traction and durability needs in challenging off-road conditions: 295/75R22.5 and 11R/280/275.

Find the Terminal Tractor Specs That Fit Your Needs

Understanding the specifications of terminal tractors is critical for making informed decisions when expanding your fleet. Big Truck Rental has a variety of options to meet your specific operational needs, whether you need a DOT-compliant model, an off-road powerhouse, or a unique 6×4 configuration.

Please refer to the complete specs provided for each terminal tractor for more information on the capabilities of each model. For trucks for rent, contact Big Truck Rental today.


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