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How To Grow Your Business During A Supply Chain Shortage

Within days of being awarded the City of Denver contract to service roughly 28K homes, BTR was able to confirm and secure the automated trucks required to meet the tight start-up requirements for this new program. They helped us be nimble and flexible enough to jump at this bid opportunity which had such limited time constraints. – Scott Lukach, Apex Waste President

The Challenge

Apex Waste is in rapid-growth mode, and one of the biggest challenges they faced was the ability to secure trucks quickly to confidently bid for new work. As a local, independent company, it’s difficult to react quickly to customers’ needs when new truck lead times range from 12–18 months out. Apex Waste needed to find a solution that allowed them to react quickly to new business opportunities and grow their business. In the fall of 2022, Apex had an opportunity in the City of Denver to service 28k recycling customers. With the supply chain being as tight as it has been over the last 3–4 years, it’s been difficult to keep pace with growth due to lead times on equipment. They needed more flexibility, which is why Apex decided to explore rental companies like BTR.

The Soultion

BTR can provide trucks in a short timeframe from bid to contract execution. In this case, BTR was able to secure the needed trucks for the contract, along with the proper documentation, to give confidence to both Apex and the municipality (City of Denver) prior to the contract start date. This allowed Apex to win the bid and grow in a short timeframe. BTR was able to deliver the trucks in a timely manner and provide on-site support and driver education in preparation for this large municipal contract.

The Result

By securing the needed trucks for the City of Denver contract, Apex was able to differentiate from the competition and quickly grow their business. BTR does not just deliver the trucks in a timely manner—we continue to support the customer through service interruptions and additional equipment needs, and we offer on-site support and training. As with most growing organizations, raising capital, procuring trucks, and identifying service growth opportunities are not always congruent, but BTR presents a profound advantage by helping to align these variables.

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