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What Are the Types of Waste to Dispose with Trash Removal Services?

Humans produce a lot of waste; that’s just the raw truth. In fact, the average adult produces four pounds of waste every day. We emphasize that’s per person and not per household. With so much waste output, we have a responsibility to dispose of the garbage in a responsible manner. Waste, though, falls in different categories, each with its own disposal requirements. Do you know how to discard your garbage?

Organic Material

Organic waste encompasses about a quarter of the country’s waste production. It makes sense, given that we have to eat. Organic waste includes fruit/vegetable peels, meat scraps and bones, coffee grounds, etc. Much of it ends up in the garbage when most of it can be reused as compost. Most municipalities nowadays provide each household with a compost bin that is collected by the public trash service on a weekly basis.

If pickups are not available in your area, consider other methods besides discarding food waste in the trash. Consider creating your own compost pile for your garden. Alternatively, consider donating to a farmer, who can put the waste to good use as compost or food for livestock.


Recyclables encompass a large category that includes:

  • Paper-based products like cardboard
  • Tin and metal
  • Glass, tiles, and ceramics
  • Plastics like water bottles and milk jugs

Most of these obviously belong in the recycle bin. Your local trash service likely picks up your recyclables along with the trash. What constitutes a recyclable item, though, may differ between municipalities, so check with your local trash service.

Electronic Waste

E-waste has become a huge issue in the past two decades with the proliferation of digital devices, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. All electronic devices eventually break down and have to be replaced. Do NOT discard electronics in the trash. They also don’t belong in the recycle bin despite having recyclable plastic and metal parts. Digital devices have interior circuits that contain mercury, so they cannot be left in a landfill where the mercury can leach into the ground and air.

Most cities have electronic waste drop-off programs where you can hand off your unwanted e-waste free of charge. Some trash removal services may also provide pickup services for electronic junk.

We Provide Garbage Trucks for Waste Management Solutions

Responsible waste handling begins in the household, but the duty also falls at the city level. Our refuse removal trucks provide efficient handling of wastes of all types, from items that belong in the landfill to those that can be reused or repurposed. Call Big Truck Rental to streamline your waste management sector. Contact us today.

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