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Company Spotlight: Eagle River Capital, LLC

Everyone at Big Truck Rental does everything they can to create the best customer experience possible, but our jobs are made easy by the customers and partners we get to work with. We want to give recognition to our amazing customers and partners who have helped us grow this company.

Our first Customer Spotlight goes out to Eagle River Capital, LLC and their President, Tom Miller. We invite you to learn more about Eagle River below!

  • What company do you work for, how long have you been there, and what is your title?
    • Eagle River Capital, LLC. I (Tom Miller, President) founded this company with Brian Cleveringa, VP-CFO and my son Eric Miller, VP-Growth in 2016 and closed our first acquisition in early 2017.
  • How long have you done business with Big Truck Rental?
    • In my career I have rented and purchased trucks from Big Truck Rental since it was started. Previously I had been a senior manager in both Republic Services and Progressive Waste and utilized Big Truck Rental for these fleets.
  • How has BTR positively impacted your business?
    • Today, ability to rent to own trucks through Big Truck Rental adds flexibility to our ability to grow quickly. I communicated regularly with Darin Ulrich and Pete Hendrickson to keep them informed of our needs for waste collection trucks.
  • How would you describe your relationship with the people at BTR?
    • As a trusted partner. The relationships built with Scott Dols and Zach Martin over many years makes doing business with Big Truck Rental a pleasure.
  • Provide examples of how BTR has delivered excellent customer service.
    • In early 2020 we were in midst of a difficult acquisition where the ability to pick up the trash by the acquisition candidate was in question. I spoke with Zach Martin and then Darin Ulrich and quickly had two Automated Side Load trucks dispatched to our Denver operations.
  • Anything else you want to share?
    • Today with 4 operating locations and more than 125 waste collection vehicles I depend on Big Truck Rental to have trucks in stock to assist me with growth. Also respect the time, energy, and money that Big Truck Rental has given to our National Association the NWRA
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