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Save Time and Money—Why You Should Rent A Yard Truck

Are you looking for a way to improve the efficiency and safety of your warehouse or railyard operations while saving money? Yard truck rentals may be the solution.

Also known as terminal tractors, yard trucks are designed to move cargo trailers around warehouses, distribution centers, and freight yards, and they do it better than traditional semi-trucks. Here’s why.

4 Benefits of Yard Trucks Over Traditional Semi Trucks

  1. No Need to Climb In And Out Of the Cab – A yard truck has a full-sized sliding rear door directly behind the operator’s seat, making it easy to connect and disconnect electrical lines and air hoses while remaining on the catwalk.
  2. Short Wheelbase and Tighter Turning Radius – This means the tractor takes up less room in a crowded warehouse environment.
  3. Hydraulic Fifth Wheel – With the hydraulic fifth wheel, there’s no need for the driver to crank the landing gear up and down.
  4. No CDL Required – A terminal tractor is primarily designed for use on private property, therefore not requiring a commercial driver’s license (CDL). It can also make short trips on public roads if approved by the Department of Transportation.

Improved Safety and Comfort

The best yard trucks are well-built and come equipped with a range of features that improve safety and comfort, including automatic transmissions, a 360-degree view that allows the driver to see everything that’s going on around the tractor, year-round climate control, heavy-duty grab handles for safe entry and exit, and reinforced steel catwalks with high visibility exterior paint to further enhance safety.

Staying Safe Around Yard Trucks

Safety is important around yard trucks because they are powerful machines designed to move heavy cargo trailers in confined areas. Any accidents involving these vehicles can cause serious injuries or fatalities, making it crucial for operators and other personnel to follow safety guidelines and procedures.

These include using the classic three-point stance when entering and exiting the cab (the same as semi-trucks), keeping the platform free of obstructions, and performing a quick inspection of the truck at the beginning of each shift to ensure safety features and other important functions are working properly.

Why Renting Yard Trucks Beats Buying

By renting yard trucks from a reputable company such as Big Truck Rental, you can save money compared to making an outright purchase and get the most impact from your capital investment by only paying for the truck for the period you need. Big Truck Rental offers flexible short-and long-term rental deals to meet your company’s every need and budget.

In addition to yard spotter trucks for rent, Big Truck Rental offers garbage truck rentals and other money-saving options for businesses like yours. Contact us today and let Big Truck Rental get you on the road to bigger profits.

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