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GAWF, GAWR, GCW and GVWR – What Do They Mean and Why Are They Important for Your Terminal Tractor?

GAWF, GAWR, GCW and GVWR – What Do They Mean and Why Are They Important for Your Terminal Tractor?

When it comes to terminal tractor rentals, getting the most value for your money is easier when you understand some of the key terms used in the industry, such as:

  • GAWF – this stands for gross axle weight front, or the maximum weight the front axle can support.
  • GAWR – this stands for gross axle weight rating, or the total amount that both axles combined are able to support.
  • GCW – this stands for gross combined weight, which is the total weight of the truck and its trailer (complete with contents) together.
  • GVWR – this stands for gross vehicle weight rating, or the total amount of weight the vehicle can haul or pull.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at these terms and why they play a crucial role in choosing the right terminal tractor. In the meantime, get in touch with Big Truck Rental today to learn what we can do for your business.

GAWF, GAWR, and GCW: Why Are These Terms So Important?

Keeping your terminal tractor fleet in compliance with government regulations means watching your weight – literally. Exceed the limitations of the vehicle and you risk serious fines from the DOT.

This is why vehicle descriptions put so much focus on weight ratings. An overloaded axle is likely to break or buckle, putting the operator at serious risk of injury. Overloaded vehicles may also place excessive stress on the underlying road surface, causing it to crack or even collapse.

The amount of weight a terminal tractor can support varies from one model to the next. Larger, more substantial units can pull more cargo, but they also weigh more themselves, which can make them more expensive to operate. There’s always a series of trade-offs to consider when choosing the right model for your facility.

Why Are There So Many Weight-Related Terms to Learn?

Regulators look at weight capacities from multiple perspectives, hence the need for so many terms. Otherwise, companies might try to skirt the rules by shifting the weight distribution in the trailer or on the truck/tractor itself. Truckers occasionally resort to similar tricks, which is why roadside weighing stations stay busy issuing fines.

Autocar Terminal Tractors for Rent

Big Truck Rental maintains a strong partnership with leading terminal tractor manufacturer Autocar. That way, we can offer the latest industry-leading yard trucks to our customers while keeping them up to date on technological developments and regulatory changes.

We offer flexible short- and long-term terminal truck rental agreements to match your outfit’s needs and budget. We also take care of any repairs beyond routine daily maintenance, so you can focus on moving freight and earning revenue.

We’d love to tell you more about our terminal tractor rentals, garbage truck rentals, and other commercial fleet solutions. Contact us today to take the next step toward higher profits.

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