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How Do You Maintain A Side Loader Garbage Truck?

Big Truck Rental is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of side loader garbage trucks for rent. We’ve selected the particular garbage truck models in our fleet for their efficiency and ease of maintenance. Our supply includes reliable, top-of-the-line Heil, McNeilus, and Labrie waste hauling vehicles that are 48 months old on average, with no more than 50 hours of use per week. As you decide what type of vehicles you’ll need, you’ll undoubtedly be factoring many variables, including side loader garbage truck maintenance, into your decision.

How Difficult Are Side Loader Garbage Trucks to Maintain?

Comparatively speaking, automatic side loaders are the most complex and expensive waste hauling vehicles to maintain, though they are also the most productive. The many moving parts take on a heavy load and, thus, wear out more frequently. Sensors and controls may require adjustment and maintenance in their own right.

High-capacity front end loaders are the next most complex waste hauling vehicle to maintain. Sensors require maintenance and several parts are prone to wear. Dual-drive residential front load trucks with front carry cans and cart dumping mechanisms have extra parts in need of servicing.

Rear loaders are the third trickiest vehicles to maintain. Their limited automation makes maintenance easier, but they handle a lower volume than automatic side loaders and front-end loaders, so they don’t need replacement parts as fast.

Roll-offs are the easiest vehicles to maintain, with simple hydraulics and lower run times.

Routine Side Loader Garbage Truck Maintenance Tasks

While you are renting side loaders from Big Truck Rental, you’re responsible for all normal, periodic, and basic services, adjustments, and lubrications of the vehicle.

Before each daily shift, you’ll need to check and, if necessary, supply:

  • Fuel levels
  • Oil levels
  • Water levels

Each week, you’ll need to check:

  • Tire pressures
  • Battery fluid and charge levels
  • Engine cooling system

Every 150 hours, you’ll need to:

  • Perform “A” service, replacing engine oil and filters
  • Complete any necessary recommended preventative maintenance tasks or necessary repairs

Before every new rental contract, you’ll receive a vehicle that has had:

  • A full safety inspection
  • Full parts lubrication

Contact us for a free quote!

For many waste haulers, maintenance costs can make or break an operation. If you’re looking to reduce fleet maintenance costs, rentals are a cost-effective way to reduce the hassle and the cost. When you build your fleet with Big Truck Rental, you relieve yourself of the large out-of-pocket burden of paying for engine blowouts, faulty transmissions, and other major maintenance work. These big-ticket items are all covered under our warranty policy.

We rarely have an issue with one of our vehicles, since they are so lovingly maintained, but if a breakdown occurs, you can take comfort in knowing a replacement vehicle can reach almost anywhere in the USA or Canada within 48 hours. Contact us to learn more about our short-term and long-term side loader rental programs.

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