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Ways to Improve Recycling

The origin of recycling can be traced back to the days of World War II. Despite going on for nearly eight decades, there are still significant deficiencies in the process that need to be addressed. Too many people are still disposing of recyclable items in the waste bin. Likewise, too many businesses have yet to adopt sustainability practices. Moving forward in 2020, how can we improve our recycling strategies?

Buy Recycled Goods

Recycled materials consume less energy in their production. An aluminum can made from recycled material, for instance, takes about 95% less energy to produce compared to one made from non-recycled aluminum.

Look for items made from recycled packaging as opposed to virgin material. Most recyclable goods can be recycled multiple times, if not indefinitely. Buying recyclable items means the material can be recycled, recirculated, and reused. This is provided, of course, that you recycle the material after use.

Buying recycled products also applies to businesses. Local and global franchises alike can pledge to acquire their goods from suppliers that manufacture recycled goods.

Start a Compost Pile

People often consider composting separate from recycling. However, they’re really one and the same. With composting, you’re recycling biodegradable waste that can be reused by the earth. Individuals can make a change at home by throwing food scraps into a compost pile instead of in the trash. Businesses, especially those in the food industry, can start their own composting system or work with their city recycling program for regularly scheduled compost pickup.

Donate Unwanted Items

Items like clothing, furniture, toys, books, and electronics that are still in usable condition can be donated to a local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Even if second-hand stores don’t accept them, you can place items on sites like eBay or Freecycle and advertise your stuff as a free giveaway.

Even if items are recyclable, if they’re still in usable shape, then giving them away should be the first solution, even before recycling.

Again, donating items is just as applicable at the business level. If shop owners have unwanted items, such as old office equipment, they can be given away instead of having them sent to a scrapyard.

Our Sanitation Truck Solution Improves Recycling

The waste industry clearly has a role to play in sustainability. At Big Truck Rental, our sanitation truck solution helps the refuse sector streamline their operation, thereby cutting down on time spent on the road and fuel expenditure.

Contact Big Truck Rental today! Many of our clients are dedicated to contributing to a greener earth. We provide cost-effective solutions for achieving that end.

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