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Why You Should Rent a Roll-off Truck

Roll-off trucks for rent offer numerous advantages for a waste management or hauling company. These advantages include:

  • Reliability: Roll-off trucks are very simple in terms of their mechanisms, which means they are less likely to experience malfunctions or breakdowns during operation. In fact, roll-off trucks are some of the easiest waste management trucks to operate and maintain.
  • Versatility: Roll-off trucks are able to handle a wide range of jobs, such as industrial waste management, post-construction cleanup, and even post-disaster cleanup.
  • Practicality: Renting a roll-off truck from Big Truck Rental allows you to expand your company’s range of services without committing to a full purchase.


Because roll-off trucks handle some of the roughest jobs imaginable in waste management, they have to be resilient enough to endure such stress. The containers used by roll-off trucks are manufactured with extremely thick and durable walls so that they can handle whatever you decide to put in them.

Additionally, roll-off trucks have some of the strongest, most reliable mechanisms used for loading or unloading containers.

One major advantage that roll-off trucks have compared to other waste management vehicles is that they use these mechanisms relatively infrequently. Consider an automated side-loader truck that handles residential waste. In a single day, its loader arm must pick up, empty, and set down hundreds of garbage cans. Every single movement of that arm inflicts a slow, miniscule, but ever-increasing amount of wear and tear on the truck’s mechanisms. By contrast, a roll-off truck might have to load or unload its container only a few times in a day, meaning it experiences wear and tear far less than another garbage truck.


Because of their large containers and ability to pick them up and drop them off wherever the operator wishes, roll-off trucks can be used in a wide variety of applications. The container and truck can separate, so roll-off trucks are particularly useful in places where the container is needed but the truck is not.

In an industrial setting, for instance, one roll-off truck can pick up and drop off several containers, bouncing back and forth depending on where it is needed. In a post-disaster cleanup scenario, a roll-off truck can drop off containers for workers to load wherever they are needed and then collect them as they are filled. This kind of operational flexibility makes roll-off trucks incredibly useful for any waste management business that finds itself dealing with unusual situations or needs to get the absolute most out of its vehicles.

If you’re considering adding a roll-off truck to your company’s operations, consider renting one from Big Truck Rental. We offer a range of commercial refuse management vehicles, including roll-off trucks, with a selection of options for both short- and long-term use. If you like your garbage truck rental enough, we even offer rent-to-purchase options to make it a permanent addition to your fleet. Give us a call today, and see how we can help you with your trucking needs!

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