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Scenarios Where You Might Want to Rent a Garbage Truck

Purchasing a garbage truck can be a significant investment, and not all companies have the budget to meet a brand-new sticker price. From short-term projects to seasonal upsurges in demand, renting a refuse truck might be the best solution in terms of your fleet’s efficiency and your bottom line.

Short-term Rental

Big Truck Rental offers flexible short- and long-term garbage truck rental options so that you can get the vehicle you need only for as long as you need it. Short term rentals are generally a great choice for:

Temporary waste management

If you’re working on a temporary project like a construction site or natural disaster clean-up, rental trucks can give you the added muscle you need for a limited time. Why pay for a truck you don’t need after your temporary gig is completed? With a refuse truck rental, you get a heavy-duty workhorse that will help you meet project deadlines without being a financial burden when it’s no longer useful.

Seasonal business

During times of increased waste production, such as the holiday season, renting additional refuse trucks can ensure that your garbage removal needs are met without putting strain on your existing resources.

Equipment failure

If one of your garbage trucks has an unexpected mechanical failure, renting a replacement vehicle can allow you to continue operations without significant downtime.

Long-term Rental

In some cases, renting a garbage truck on a long-term basis may make sense. If you are unsure how frequently you will require a vehicle or if your needs may change in the future, you can make sure you’re covered with a long-term rental – without having to deal with the steep price and maintenance hassles of full ownership.


If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to buy a truck outright, renting to purchase is an excellent option.

Rent-to-purchase is a type of agreement in which you rent a garbage truck for a set period of time with the option to buy it at the end of the term. The rental payments made during the agreement period are typically applied to the asset’s purchase price.

This gives you the opportunity to test drive the garbage truck before making a purchase decision. This type of agreement allows you to build equity and credit while still using the asset.

Learn about our long- and short-term refuse truck rentals

Renting a garbage truck can be a flexible and cost-effective waste management solution in a variety of scenarios. A rental can help you meet your waste removal needs without breaking the bank, whether you’re managing a temporary project, running a seasonal business, or experiencing equipment failure.

Big Truck Rental can help you find the right type of truck for your needs and length of rental. Contact us today to learn more.

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