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How Garbage Truck Rental Is the Viable Option During Uncertain Times

When it comes to fleet management, you don’t want to compromise on quality. Even as cities, suburbs, and organizations dispose of more trash, you need to beat the competition with reliable trucks and standout collection services.

When your fleet needs a long-overdue upgrade, you need to answer the age-old question: Should you buy or rent? Here’s why garbage truck rentals are the best option during uncertain times.

Renting Makes It Easier to Plan Ahead

Since the beginning of the pandemic, truck manufacturers have experienced unprecedented backlogs. As a result, fleet management companies have faced long delivery timeframes of 8–12 months or sometimes even more. At the same time, manufacturers have been forced to prioritize the needs of larger organizations. In addition, with supply chain shortages disrupting delivery times, manufacturers have pushed smaller orders even further down the production line.

What does that mean for your business? Buying waste disposal trucks isn’t easy, and it’s harder to plan ahead and ensure trucks will be available when needed. If you’re in need of a garbage truck, renting is a convenient option.

Renting Is a More Affordable Option

To cut costs and avoid downtime, many fleets are putting off buying new garbage trucks and equipment. You need reliable service to dominate the competition—and you can’t afford lost productivity when waiting for a replacement truck.

When buying new trucks, downtime isn’t the only issue. With changes in emission technology and price hikes on new waste disposal trucks, many organizations are dealing with the sticker shock that comes with buying.

Because the upfront costs of acquiring new trucks have skyrocketed, renting has become the more affordable option for standard garbage trucks and terminal tractors. In most cases, renting doesn’t require a down payment. Instead, costs are spread over the rental term, offering a more realistic option for haulers.

Renting Offers a Flexible and Dependable Solution

After witnessing long truck-order delays, many forward-thinking haulers have started renting to avoid downtime. By taking a modern approach to fleet management, you’ll have the flexibility to grow or downsize your fleet based on your needs—so you can effectively manage your business and optimize your bottom line.

In addition, renting offers a dependable solution when you’re in a bind. Whatever your business demands, reliable rental companies can help you secure a truck immediately. If a truck is down for the count or business increases rapidly, you’ll have access to the latest truck models to keep your business alive.

Trust Big Truck Rental for Quality Garbage Truck Rentals

At Big Truck Rental, we’re here to help you prepare for the future with different rental options for municipalities, full fleets, and independent haulers.

We offer reliable, supportive, and flexible garbage truck rentals so you can run your business on your own time. We know that downtime isn’t an option. With the broadest selection of refuse trucks and the ability to deliver in 48 hours, you’ll be able to plan ahead and effectively manage your fleet.

With us, you can rent what you need, when you need it. Contact us today to discuss truck rental options and timelines.

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