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A Guide to the 4 Common Types of Garbage Trucks

To succeed in the waste hauling industry, it’s important to first know a little bit about the most common types of garbage trucks. They fall into four main categories:

  1. Front loader garbage trucks – which are used primarily to empty commercial waste bins, i.e., “dumpsters.”
  2. Side loader garbage trucks – these are used primarily for residential waste collection and disposal.
  3. Rear loader garbage trucks – these are used for both residential and commercial waste hauling.
  4. Roll off trucks – these are used to transport dumpsters and other large commercial waste bins to and from local landfills.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at each type of vehicle. Get in touch with our office today to learn about the benefits of garbage truck rental.

Features and Benefits of Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Front loader garbage trucks use a pair of hydraulic arms to lift commercial trash containers over the front of the vehicle and deposit their contents into the rear waste bin. Most models can lift at least 8000 pounds of waste and haul up to 40 cubic yards of garbage when fully loaded. They’re a good choice for any type of dumpster-based waste hauling route.

Features and Benefits of Side Loader Garbage Trucks

Side loader trucks are most commonly used in residential areas. Older models require human workers to manually empty trash cans into the onboard waste bin. Newer models use an electronically controlled hydraulic arm to accomplish the same task with greater efficiency and safety.

Features and Benefits of Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

Rear loaders are also used for residential waste collection, though they are occasionally used to haul commercial waste as well. They do require human workers to empty the refuse into the onboard bin. A single rear loading truck can service more than 800 homes in a single day.

Features and Benefits of Roll Off Garbage Trucks

Roll off trucks are used to transport dumpsters to the local landfill, empty their contents, and return them to the designated waste collection point. They’re used for both commercial and rural/small town waste management.

Large roll off trucks can carry up to 10 tons of refuse at one time. They use either a hydraulic arm or cable winch to hoist the dumpster onto the back of the truck. The hydraulic arm design frees operators from the need to manually connect and disconnect the winch to the waste container.

Why You Should Consider Renting Your Waste Disposal Trucks Instead of Buying Them

A cost-effective way to add modern waste hauling vehicles to your fleet is with our convenient garbage truck rentals. We offer flexible terms, a huge selection of the latest models, and freedom from repair worries. You simply operate the vehicles and take care of routine maintenance. We handle the rest. Our customers include both private companies and public municipalities.

The sooner you get in touch with us, the sooner you can put our garbage truck rental solutions to work for your organization. So contact us today to take the next step. We look forward to doing business with you.

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