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Front Loader Garbage Truck Maintenance

Service vehicles are time-consuming and costly to maintain. Yet, keeping your garbage trucks in good condition is essential for the lifeblood of your waste disposal company. If a single front loader garbage truck is sidelined due to operation issues, it can set your company back thousands of dollars and lead to hours of wasted downtime.

Type of Maintenance Required

Front loader garbage truck maintenance requires a thorough inspection of the vehicle, which should include a look at areas like the cooling system, fluid and air filters, brakes, and axles. Some of the maintenance that is required includes:

  • Checking tire pressure – this is critical for maintaining healthy tires, which supports the entire weight of the truck and its waste contents.
  • Inspecting the compactor body – check that all lubrication points have ample oil. Irregular sounds are a dead giveaway that this area requires immediate inspection.
  • Examining all hydraulic components – check the pumps, high-pressure hoses, and fluid filters. Replacing fluids ensures the system isn’t contaminated by foreign materials.
  • Checking the lights – perform a pre-operation inspection on the work spotlights. This is crucial if you have a planned nighttime operation.
  • Other areas – perform weekly inspections on areas that may be overlooked. This includes detachable safety items like the fire extinguisher and first-aid kit, which are included in every garbage truck.

Lift Arm Maintenance

Front loaders handle immense loads, collecting upwards of hundreds of waste bins from residential and commercial locations in a single day. Modern garbage trucks have more moving parts than ever. While this increases efficiency on the job, it also increases the number of issues that can go wrong. This is especially true with respect to the hydraulic lift arm, which can lift as much as 10,000-pounds.

Maintenance of the forks, cylinders, and chassis is especially important. These are the parts that enable the arm to grab hold of exceptionally heavy bins and empty them in a matter of seconds.

We Handle the Maintenance

At Big Trucks Rental, our garbage trucks are new and under warranty for major issues and have been thoroughly inspected to maximize uptime. When you partner with us, you can be sure your rental truck underwent a full inspection from our experienced technicians. Give us a call today and check out our inventory of front loader trucks.

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