Big Truck Rental Hiring Flyer for Director of Route Ready Truck Sales

Big Truck Rental Now Hiring: Director of Route Ready Truck Sales

Big Truck Rental is the leader in Front Loader, Side Loader, Rear Loader and Roll-Off garbage truck rentals in North America, all backed by a nationally serviced and supported fleet.

Big Truck Rental began in 2002 and is a growing organization that is looking to expand our already successful sales team.

Big Truck Rental is a customer-focused organization that is seeking a highly motivated and success-oriented Director of Route Ready Truck Sales.

This position will be responsible for:

  • Collaborating with the CEO and VP of Sales to set the strategy and execution of selling Big Truck Rental’s off-rent trucks through our Route Ready Certification program.
  • Continuing the enhancement of the program while seeking ways to expand the Route Ready brand through business development and marketing. strategies.

To learn more, email Check out to learn more about our off-rent truck sales program.

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