McNeilus® Zero Radius Side Loader Garbage Truck Rental

The McNeilus Zero Radius series side loader is the perfect garbage truck for maneuvering around tight corners and congested streets. Combine this outstanding all-purpose vehicle with Big Truck Rental’s flexible rental terms and you have the perfect solution for your waste hauling needs.

Top 10 Features of the McNeilus Zero Radius Side Loader

The Zero Radius McNeilus side loader is the total package for municipal garbage collection, thanks to these 10 features:

  1. Spacious 4.8 cubic yard hopper – the ideal size for large routes.
  2. Automatic packing system – which helps to guard against follower damage.
  3. Powerful lifting arm – that can handle waste bins up to 110 gallons in size.
  4. Load-sensing hydraulics – that save fuel by shutting off motors and pumps when not in use.
  5. Available 12-foot extended arm – ideal for working in cul-de-sacs or on roads with street parking.
  6. Tapered, low-profile body – ideal for installing a CNG fuel system.
  7. Patented Excalibre® cylinders – with a hardened tool steel scraper that guards against seal damage and prolongs the hydraulic system’s working life.
  8. Large, full-color display panel – allows the operator to check vehicle status with at-a-glance convenience.
  9. Ergonomic joystick controls – makes operating the vehicle easier than ever before.
  10. Quiet, smooth arm operation – a critical feature for collecting trash in noise-sensitive environments.

As you can see, the Zero Radius McNeilus side loader has everything you need to make short work of the toughest waste hauling routes. By taking advantage of our side loader garbage trucks to rent, you can add these amazing vehicles to your fleet for a minimal upfront cost.

Renting Your Garbage Trucks Adds Flexibility to Your Operations

The waste hauling business can change from one day to the next. You never know when mechanical problems or shifting demands may force you to improvise.

During those times, you need the kind of flexibility that our garbage truck rentals can provide. Here’s what we offer:

  • Terms to suit your situation – whether you need a truck for a few months or much longer. We even offer rent-to-purchase options.
  • Freedom from needless worry – we take care of any maintenance above and beyond daily upkeep.
  • Top-quality trucks from major manufacturers – the kind you can depend on over the long haul.

Please contact us today to get a quote. Our trucks are ready to be delivered to you RIGHT NOW.