Labrie® Automizer Side Loader Garbage Truck Rental

The Labrie Automizer side loader garbage truck is a great solution for waste pickup in tight spaces. The dynamic loading arm features an industry-leading reach and can operate smoothly around parked cars and other obstacles. Innovative hydraulics and simple joystick control let you maneuver the arm with perfect precision, even in narrow or confined spots. Get the most out of your investment in a Labrie® Automizer side loader when you take advantage of flexible long- and short-term rental plans available from Big Truck Rental. Our trucks are ready to go to work for your business RIGHT NOW!

10 Reasons Why the Labrie Side Loader Stands out from the Rest

Having a capable lifting arm is everything when it comes to residential and commercial trash collection. That’s why the Automizer Right Hand™ comes with the following standard features:

  1. Full 12 foot reach – that can move above and around obstacles to lift waste bins safely and efficiently.
  2. 1000 pound strength rating – even when the arm is fully extended.
  3. Zero-grab low swing-out – allowing the operator to collect trash easily, even in narrow spaces.
  4. Low dumping height – minimizing the risk of spillage.
  5. Innovative in-line design – preventing torque-related stress during the dumping process and boosting the mechanism’s longevity.
  6. Easy to reach access panels – installed on the rub rails to guard hydraulic and electrical components against damage.
  7. Streamlined body design – tapered and rounded along the sides and roof. This helps to prevent accidents while improving the compaction ratio.
  8. Weld-free side panels – forged from a single sheet of steel to remove the need for reinforcement posts.
  9. Weight-saving design – that allows the truck to carry the largest payload every time.
  10. Wide selection of body sizes – eight in all, ranging from 20 yd.³ to 37 yd.³. Allows you to customize your new Labrie side loader to meet your specific needs.

Advantages of Our Labrie Automizer Side Loader Rental Plans

Taking advantage of side loader garbage trucks to rent from Big Truck Rental offers many benefits over buying:

  • Low upfront cost – there’s no need to tie up your limited capital making an expensive purchase.
  • Freedom from maintenance and repair hassles – other than routine daily upkeep, we take care of all the truck’s maintenance needs.
  • Flexibility – with our garbage truck rentals, you can scale your fleet up and down as needed to meet current demand.

Meet seasonal demands, replace down trucks, or take on new short- or long-term contracts with our flexible Labrie Automizer side loading garbage truck rental plans. With Big Truck Rental, you get for the truck you need, only when you need it. Please contact us today to learn more or to get a quote. We’re ready to help you boost profits and get the most out of your capital investment.