Galbreath U5-OR-174 Roll Off Garbage Truck Rental

The Galbreath U5-OR-174 roll off truck has the features you need to make short work of even the toughest dumpster routes. Combine this outstanding vehicle with Big Truck Rental’s flexible terms, and the result is a one-stop solution for your waste hauling needs. Get in touch with our office today to take the next step.

Galbreath U5-OR-174 Roll Off Truck: Rugged Features for a Demanding Job

The Galbreath U5-OR-174 comes with the following standard features:

  • 60,000 pounds hauling capacity – for moving more waste in fewer trips.
  • Centrally mounted power tower – for ease of operation.
  • 96 in. tire span – for added stability.
  • Air shift PTO – harnesses the power of the engine to perform auxiliary tasks.
  • Recessed LED lights – offers added protection against obstacles and flying debris.
  • Pioneer 4500 SARG rack and pinion tarper with handy quick tarp attachment – keeps the waste in the truck where it belongs.
  • Anti-shock subframe – for absorbing the bumps and bruises of even the toughest roads.
  • Heavy-duty oil filtration system – eliminates contaminants down to a size of three microns.
  • Outside rail design – long considered the gold standard for roll off trucks.

Advantages of Galbreath U5-OR-174 Roll Off Rental vs. Buying

As you might imagine, a Galbreath roll off truck with these kinds of features comes with a substantial price tag when you buy the vehicle new. It’s the kind of expense that can take a big bite out of your operating budget.

One way to mitigate these costs is with our convenient roll off rental program. It puts the equipment you need in your hands without the sticker shock of making an outright purchase. Here’s how it works:

  • You choose the truck you want – we offer a wide range of roll off garbage trucks to rent, from Galbreath and other leading manufacturers.
  • You get a personalized quote our customer service experts are always glad to help.
  • Once you approve the terms, we schedule delivery of your new roll off truck – our trucks are ready to be delivered immediately, with little or no wait time.
  • Use the truck for as long as you need it – while we take care of maintenance and upkeep.
  • When the agreement expires, you can either renew it, purchase the truck at a discounted price, or simply turn it in and walk away – whatever option works best for you.

We’d love to tell you more about our garbage truck rentals and how they can benefit your business. So, contact us today to get a quote. You’ll soon be on the road to higher profits and lower operating costs.