Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plan for Route Growth and Changes

Big Truck Rental allows businesses and/or municipalities the opportunity to grow their garbage truck pickup routes and make changes as they see fit, without worrying about being short-served. Our long-term garbage truck rental contracts extend well beyond six months on a month-to-month basis. Should you require more trucks, fewer trucks, or just different types of trucks, we’ve got you covered, no matter where you are in the US or Canada.

New Technology Means Route Growth and Change

Over the last few years, Radio Frequency Identification, scales, Global Positioning Systems, vision systems, and on-board route management have changed how trash collection companies operate on a daily basis. It’s never been easier to plan more efficient routes, but that matters little if you don’t have the trucks to cover the unlocked expanse of capabilities.

A long-term garbage truck rental plan for route growth and changes allows you to adapt without a capital-intensive investment. If you’re new to some of these on-board technologies, renting our modernized fleet gives you the time to acquaint your drivers to this new technology before upgrading your entire fleet. You’ll also have the opportunity to trade-up to the latest hauling technology as it becomes available.

Why Garbage Truck Route Optimization is Trending

Fast advances in technology have enabled increased productivity beyond our wildest dreams. As a result, many refuse firm managers are scrambling to keep up with the changes route optimization brings. Here are some of the ways waste management companies are optimizing their routes:

  • Lighter trucks – Lighter trucks mean higher legal payloads, allowing a greater volume of trash to be picked up before the truck returns to the landfill and hits the road again.
  • Better engines – Instantaneous torque enables quick starts after stopping, which minimizes the lag time between the throttle and forward motion of the vehicle. Over hundreds of stops, this can add up to quite a lot of time freed.
  • Automation – Drivers no longer have to get out of the vehicle to cover their routes. With 96-gallon cans and automated front loading, productivity skyrockets.
  • Noise reduction – Quieter engines make noise ordinances a problem of the past. When your fleet enjoys extended pickup hours early in the mornings and late in the evenings, your ability to add stops increases.

Big Truck Rental’s garbage truck rental for route growth and optimization can have fresh young trucks to you in less than 48 hours, with few exceptions. Our fleet averages 24 months, maintained to manufacturer specifications, so you know you’ll have a reliable truck ready to service your expanded routes.

Call Big Truck Rental for Garbage Truck Route Optimization

Garbage truck route optimization is one crucial piece of the efficiency puzzle, and long-term rentals are another. Garbage truck rental allows fleet operators to save on the expense of additional trucks, cost of repairs, insurance expenses, and administration. Garbage truck rental for route changes intelligently supplies you with the trucks you need, giving you the option to purchase later, trade back in for the latest model, or simply terminate the contract. This flexibility keeps operating expenses relatively low. As long as you have drivers and fuel, you can keep growing your routes and expanding your profits. Adapting to changes and challenges will be the key to your ongoing success. Contact us with any questions you have about long-term rentals or get your free garbage truck rental quote today.