Garbage Truck Rental for Broken Down Garbage Truck

Big Truck Rental truly understands the unique day-to-day situations that arise in the world of waste management. We possess the wherewithal to help you tackle any problem, including sudden breakdown. Our flexible rentals let you quickly add to your fleet, without stressing your immediate finances.

Since 2002, we’ve been a dependable partner for trash collectors across all of North America who need a garbage truck rental for a broken down garbage truck ASAP. Choose from front, rear, or side loaders, as well as roll-off trucks that are well-maintained and less than 24 months old.

Instant garbage truck rentals are easy. You need only prove you meet the necessary insurance requirements, sign our rental contract, provide a credit card that can pre-authorize up to one month’s fee, and make a good faith deposit of $1,500 that is refundable upon return of the rental vehicle. We can have you back on the road within a couple of days.

Garbage truck breakdown is a driver’s worst nightmare

Garbage truck breakdown is all too common. While there are no exact statistics to speak of, Pro Publica followed one trash collector in New York City for five weeks and reported that “something was always breaking down.” They witnessed five breakdowns in that short timespan – the transmission, the radiator, the compactor, and the brakes twice.

According to national statistics provided by Pro Publica, 21 percent of inspections result in commercial garbage trucks being taken off the road.

Don’t wait until your trucks break down or get pulled off the road. Arrange for garbage truck rental for broken down garbage trucks in advance to have your contingency plan in order. Having another truck ready to go could mean the difference between making a 5 p.m. finish time and having to deliver the bad news to the client that routes are still unfinished at 6:30 p.m.

A short term garbage truck rental buys you time

Even the most well-maintained garbage truck suffers a lot of wear-and-tear. A sudden break-down leaves waste collectors little time to rebound and spring for a new truck. We can help you bridge the gap between a break down and securing a new vehicle with our short term garbage truck rental. The BTR fleet features the latest high-tech models, allowing you to “try it before you buy it.”

Learn more about 48-hour garbage truck rental

With central offices in Tampa, FL and Markham, ON, we specialize in 48 hour garbage truck rental throughout the United States and Canada. In most cases, we get the trucks to our clients within 48 hours to minimize downtime and keep fleets running with hardly a hiccup. We are your Any Time, Any Way Truck Solution. Contact us for immediate support.