New Technology Pilot Programs

Rent a demo truck to explore your strategic options, like making a move from manual to fully-automated collection.
Test a truck equipped with Parker RunWise® Hybrid Technology, which can reduce your fuel consumption up to 50%. We’re first in the industry to offer a Rent-to-Purchase hybrid garbage truck.
Try alternative fuels such as a CNG-powered truck, along with a portable fueling system if needed, before you decide on possibly converting your entire fleet.
Drive a “test truck” during your next bidding process to be more competitive, or test future economic and functional feasibility of the equipment.
Let your drivers have the chance to test out the latest in vision systems, GPS technology, on-board scales, and other safety advancements available today.
Help measure any improvements or benefits to your business, and determine your ROI, before deciding to go “all in” on a fleet-wide capital investment.
Renting allows companies, such as yours, to remain current and competitive by “trading up” to a more advanced truck as conditions or needs change… it’s time to Rent Try Prove Buy.