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What Are the Advantages of a Galbreath U5-OR-174 Roll Off Garbage Truck?

Not all waste hauling companies deal only with residential garbage. Many of them do double or even triple duty as haulers of demolition, construction, or disaster-related refuse.

If this sounds like your line of work, then the Galbreath U5-OR-174 roll off truck is worthy of your consideration. It’s one of the best all-around waste haulers in the industry.

Combine its cutting-edge features with the advantages of doing business with Big Truck Rental, and you’ve got a sure-fire package for success.

What sets the Galbreath U5-OR-174 roll off truck apart from the rest

When you’re in the waste hauling business, no two loads are ever quite the same. Over the years, we’ve seen all kinds of debris find its way into commercial refuse bins. That’s not to mention the role that the weather and local road conditions can play in how the workday turns out. Sometimes just making it through to quitting time is an exercise in perseverance.

In an industry as unpredictable as ours, you should choose equipment that can handle almost anything. That’s why we can never say enough about Galbreath U5-OR-174 garbage trucks. Here are just a few of its many features and benefits:

  • Plenty of hauling power: With a 60,000-pound hoisting capacity, you can move more waste in fewer trips.
  • Ease of operation: Requires only a minimal learning curve to achieve proficiency, thanks to the in-cab “power tower” that offers an ergonomic design, plug-and-play wiring, and inside air controls.
  • Quick-access manual levers: Located on the driver’s side and protected by a durable steel cover. Reduces operation time outside the truck and keeps your equipment on the road longer.
  • Outside rollers: Allows smooth transition of the waste containers across the hoist frame, without the noise and friction of metal-on-metal contact.
  • Frame-mounted cable hoist: Which allows the vehicle to operate in a wide range of environments, including low-clearance situations. Hoist is secured with hub bolts to prevent loosening.
  • Sturdy safety props: Located next to the rear tandems. Makes it easy to create a safe working space.
  • Auto-locking front latches: To keep waste containers secure on all types of roads.

You can customize your Galbreath U5-OR-174 roll off garbage truck with features like a Pioneer® tarping system, protective rear window screens, and your choice of either steer or non-steer lift axles. Just ask our representatives for the details.

Now’s the time to enjoy the advantages of Galbreath U5-OR-174 roll off garbage truck rental. Get in touch with us here at Big Truck Rental today to get the ball rolling. We look forward to serving you.

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