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Mack Roll Off Truck Technical Support

As a waste hauling contractor, you only make money when your fleet is on the road, not when it’s out of commission. That’s why the people at Mack back up their garbage trucks with comprehensive technical support.

Mack Roll Off Truck Customer Support Services

Mack’s suite of customer support services includes:

  • Customized maintenance schedules: Designed to keep your equipment running like new, whether you use it for light-, medium-, or heavy-duty tasks.
  • Mack Trucks Academy: Technicians and operators can get training from certified pros and see quick increases in uptime and vehicle performance. Courses available in person or online.
  • Body building guidance and help: Wondering how to finish out your Mack truck to meet your specific needs? The company has plenty of resources to guide you through the process, from manuals and videos to one-on-one feedback from Mack’s team of experts.
  • Driver’s manuals: Find manuals and resources to help you operate your Mack equipment both safely and profitably.
  • High-tech diagnostic tools: Simply connect your laptop to your Mack truck to test, program, and fine-tune your engine for maximum economy and performance.
  • Answers to your frequently asked questions: Available at the click of a mouse or by simply tapping your smart phone screen. No more wasted time trying to find the information you need.
  • Mack’s ironclad warranty: Covering both the truck itself and repairs completed using Mack-authorized parts.

Advantages of Renting Your Mack Roll Off Truck

As you can see, Mack goes above and beyond in supporting its customers. But when you purchase your truck from a dealer, it can tie you into a long-term situation that may limit your options going forward.

That’s why renting your truck instead makes so much sense. You get all the advantages of Mack roll off garbage truck support without the drawbacks of purchasing.

Once your rental agreement is complete, you can either continue with your Mack garbage truck rental or walk away. Whichever you choose, you’re still in the driver’s seat.

Here at Big Truck Rental, we help waste hauling companies like yours to maximize their revenues while slashing their operating costs. We do this by providing extended, affordable Mack roll off rental contracts and backing them up with our own customer support.

Talk to us today about our flexible roll off garbage truck rental solutions by calling or using the online contact form. We can put you on the road to a better tomorrow.

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