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How to Operate the ACTT 4 x 2 Terminal Tractor

One of the most significant advantages of Autocar’s ACTT 4×2 terminal tractor is its intuitive and easy operation. With a terminal tractor, you can quickly and easily move cargo containers around your shipping yard or terminal without using a more cumbersome road truck. This post explains how to operate the ACTT 4×2 terminal tractor and how Big Truck Rental can help you add one to your company’s fleet.

The Basics of the ACTT 4×2


The ACTT 4×2 is available in two configurations, the 4×2 Off-Road and 4×2 DOT. In this instance, DOT stands for Department of Transportation and indicates that the vehicle is DOT-approved. Compared to the Off-Road model, it has a laminated windshield, road-legal engine emissions, rear mudflaps, and other features.


Whether you use an Off-Road or DOT model, all ACTT 4x2s are built with time-tested, reliable components, such as Allison transmissions and Cummins engines. If you’re unsure which type of ACTT 4×2 you’re using, you can check the truck’s VIN. The fourth character in the VIN will either be an H for DOT approved or a G for Off-Road.

Pre-Work Shift Inspections


A critical part of safely operating the ACTT 4×2 is inspecting the vehicle before every work shift. Every safety inspection should include these steps.


  • Check the hydraulic fuel and fluid levels: For the ACTT 4×2’s hydraulic system, the tank is located on the curbside of the chassis. The engine and transmission dipsticks are next to the access steps, while coolant levels can be checked by tilting the cab forward and looking for the reservoir.
  • Check the tire pressure: Each sidewall will have the recommended pressure printed on its surface, making it easy to confirm with a simple air pressure gauge.
  • Drain the air tank: Doing so will remove moisture and ensure optimal air volume.
  • 360-degree visual inspection: You should always walk around the vehicle to look for trip hazards, visible damage, or other hazards.


Entering and Exiting Safely


While entering or exiting the ACTT 4×2, it is essential to maintain three points of contact at all times. With the largest entry door of any terminal tractor on the market today and an anti-slip grate for all walking surfaces, the ACTT 4×2 is also one of the safest.


The ACTT 4×2’s Dashboard and Gauges


Understanding the ACTT 4×2’s dashboard and various gauges is critical to safely operating the vehicle. Autocar’s standard package places the fuel gauge, speedometer, air tank pressure, coolant pressure, and temperature gauges all within sight, making it easy to check them.


DOT models also integrate a light bar at the bottom of the fuel gauge that monitors the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) levels. DEF keeps the vehicle’s engine clean and reduces harmful emissions. If the truck runs out of DEF, it will automatically stop operating, so be sure to check your levels frequently and refill as needed.

Fifth Wheel Controls


Controls for the ACTT 4×2’s fifth wheel are on the right side of the driver seat, next to the jaw lock release and cupholder. A simple lever controls if the fifth wheel is raised or lowered, allowing the driver to adjust as needed. Take note that you can use the engine throttle to give extra power to the hydraulic pump for the fifth wheel as needed.

Starting the ACTT 4×2


When you turn the key to start the ACTT 4×2, a yellow WAIT TO START light on the dashboard will appear. During this time, the vehicle is running a quick self-diagnosis, so it is important to wait until the light disappears to fully start the vehicle.

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If you’d like to add one of these incredible vehicles to your fleet, whether the Off-Road or DOT models, you can count on Big Truck Rental as your source for commercial vehicle rentals. We offer a wide range of terminal tractor rental options for both short and long-term and even rent-to-purchase options if you love your rented vehicle. So don’t hesitate! Take a look at our trucks for rent, or contact us to speak to one of our expert staff for a free quote.

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