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How to Operate the ACTT 4 x 2 Terminal Tractor

In this post, we’ll cover the basics of how to operate an ACTT 4×2 terminal tractor. Check out the official AutoCar video for further details and instructions.

The ACTT 4×2 is amazingly intuitive and easy to operate. Contact us here at Big Truck Rental today if you’re ready to add one of these outstanding trucks to your fleet. We offer flexible short- and long-term rental agreements to suit your needs, and our top-quality vehicles are ready right now to go to work for your business.

Basic Facts About the ACTT 4 x 2 Terminal Tractor

In designing the ACTT 4×2, the folks at AutoCar stuck with time-tested components like an Allison transmission and Cummins engine. The term “4×2” distinguishes the truck’s single axle design from the tandem axle layout of the 6×4 DOT version.

ACTT 4×2 terminal tractors for rent are available in both on-road and off-road configurations. The street-legal version includes features like a laminated windshield, conspicuity tape, and enhanced emissions controls.

To verify the type of vehicle you’re using, simply check the fourth character of the truck’s VIN. An H indicates that the vehicle is DOT approved, while a G indicates that it’s limited to use on private property only.

Inspecting the Vehicle at the Beginning of the Work Shift

A pre-shift inspection is essential for ensuring operator safety. This procedure should include the following steps:

  • Checking tire pressure – you’ll find the recommended pressure level printed on each tire’s sidewall.
  • Checking fluid levels – AutoCar makes this easy by placing the engine and transmission dipsticks next to the access steps. Coolant levels can be checked by tilting the cab forward and looking for the reservoir.
  • Draining the air tank – to remove moisture and to ensure optimal air volume.
  • Checking the hydraulic fuel – the tank is located on the curb side of the chassis.

The operator should perform a careful visual inspection of the vehicle’s exterior for any obvious safety hazards. He or she should also confirm that the boom and the fifth wheel are operating correctly.

Entering and Exiting the Vehicle

It’s important to use three point contact at all times when embarking and disembarking from the vehicle. The ACTT 4×2 has the largest entry door of any vehicle currently on the terminal tractor market. It’s also equipped with an anti-slip grate to help prevent injuries.

Learning the ACTT 4 x 2’s Gauges

The ACTT 4×2 has easy-to-read gauges that monitor the vehicle’s fuel level, oil pressure, air tank pressure, coolant temperature, and speed.

DOT models also include a light bar at the bottom of the fuel gauge to check the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) levels. DEF helps to keep the engine clean and reduce harmful emissions. The truck will cease to operate if DEF levels reach zero.

Valves and Other Controls

The dashboard includes the air and trailer brake valves, the HVAC controls, the wiper controls, and the lighting switches. Each of these is clearly marked.

Starting and Operating the Truck

When turning the key, the WAIT TO START light will appear briefly while the vehicle performs a quick self-diagnosis. The truck is safe to start once this light disappears.

The boom controller is located on the right side of the dashboard. The operator may use the engine throttle to give extra power to the hydraulic pump.

Raising and Lowering the Cab

The truck’s cab may be raised or lowered by pulling on the exterior grip and pressing the up or down button as needed.

Using a Safety Bar When Working Beneath the Fifth Wheel

The ACTT 4×2 is equipped with a safety bar opening to prevent the boom from falling down during maintenance. It’s important to always use a safety bar when working in this area of the truck.

Need a Yard Truck Rental? Get in Touch With Us Today

We hope this post was helpful to learning how to operate a terminal tractor. As you can see, the ACTT 4×2 is a fantastic vocational vehicle. In fact, its only drawback is its high sticker price. That’s where our yard truck rental program comes into the picture.

With yard spotter truck rental, you can obtain the cutting-edge trucks you need without the prohibitive costs of an outright purchase. Once the term expires, you can either renew the agreement, purchase the vehicle at a significant discount, or turn it in and walk away, whichever you choose.

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