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Everything You Need to Know About Labrie Side Loader Refuse Trucks

At Big Truck Rental, we offer vehicles from only a select number of industry-leading garbage truck manufacturers. That’s because every vehicle we rent carries our reputation, so those trucks need to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability. Fortunately, Labrie’s side loader garbage trucks have consistently proven their worth and are among some of the finest vehicles we have to offer.

In this article, we’ll explore what makes Labrie’s side loader refuse trucks such a strong choice for your waste management needs.

Great Flexibility

With no fewer than eight different series of side loader garbage trucks, Labrie offers one of the widest set of choices for your waste management company. Whether you need curbside pickup or vacuum collection, residential or commercial waste pickup, Labrie’s trucks can fulfill your need. Options such as the Alleygator and Automizer are ideal choices for residential routes, while the Minimax model excels in short routes or places where a more nimble truck is needed.

Top-of-the-line Performance

Labrie has earned its reputation for constantly experimenting and innovating with its garbage collection trucks to produce some of the finest examples on the market today. The Labrie Automizer, for instance, offers some of the best compaction and load distribution on the market thanks to its tapered body, and its ideally positioned grabbing arm allows it to collect from more houses in the same amount of time than other vehicles.

The Top Select remains the most-sold model in its class in North America, with over 3,000 in operation today, thanks to its flexibility and one-man operation requirements. It can be configured with wider loading buckets, auto-lock attachments for carts, and more.

Celebrated Durability and Safety Features

Of course, all these options and performance don’t mean anything if Labrie’s trucks constantly break down or put their crews at risk. Thankfully, they don’t. Labrie trucks are built to be as reliable as possible, with highly durable bodies, hydraulics, and loader arms that can withstand constant operations.

On the safety side of things, Labrie integrates features like keeping the driver away from the rear of the truck, a lower loading area to prevent back injuries, and shorter walking distances between the cab and loading area.

If you’re looking for a new addition to your waste management company’s fleet, consider a rental from Big Truck Rental. Our garbage truck rental services allow you to experiment with a new truck without having to make the commitment of a full purchase. With both short- and long-term rental options available, you can rent a truck for as long as is needed.

If you end up liking your choice enough, we offer rent-to-purchase options that let you make it a permanent addition to your operations. Give us a call today and see how we can help you with your waste management needs.

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