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What Are the Maintenance Responsibilities for an Instant Garbage Truck Rental?

Renters have an obligation to return equipment in the same condition it was in when they rented it out. When you rent from us, we will go over the immediate garbage truck maintenance requirements, which are fully outlined in the terms and conditions. Following routine vehicle maintenance when the truck is under your care ensures the vehicle operates reliably for the duration of your rental contract.

Your Maintenance Responsibilities as a Renter

Care for the rental truck the way you would if you were the owner. This includes routine maintenance, such as fluid/oil checks, undercarriage care, routine washing, lubrication of hydraulic parts, etc.

Of course, maintenance requirements differ slightly from truck to truck depending on model and manufacturer. Refer to our documents page in the below link, which contains the official manufacturer maintenance guide for every garbage truck in our inventory. Follow maintenance as outlined under the manual corresponding to your rental.

Fleet Maintenance Guide

As mentioned, always refer to the manufacturer manual. For a quick reference, be sure to follow these basic care tips, which applies to all refuse trucks.

  • Check the hydraulic system, which includes the high-pressure cylinder, hydraulic fluid filter, and pump. Replace the hydraulic fluid with every filter change.
  • Check the hydraulic tubing for punctures or loose connections. Any openings can cause a leak, resulting in lost hydraulic pressure.
  • Regularly oil the lubrication points of the compactor body. During operation, listen for squeaky sounds; this indicates metal-on-metal friction stemming from low lubrication.
  • Check the cooling system. Modern garbage trucks produce twice the amount of heat as their predecessors due to the compactor and hydraulic lift. Regularly perform a pressure test on the cooling system.
  • Check all fasteners and U-bolts on the wheel rims, axle, and chassis. The bolts gradually loosen due to the vibration when the truck is in motion.

We perform instant garbage truck rental maintenance when the truck sits in our inventory. However, once rented out to you, the above guidelines become your duty.

Acquire an Instant Garbage Truck Rental

Do you require a garbage truck on short notice? That’s not a problem for Big Truck Rental. Once all the required paperwork is submitted on your end, we can usually have the rental ready within 48 hours. On-demand garbage truck rental maintenance is integral for ensuring the truck is returned in the condition it was in when loaned out. Contact us today for speedy service.

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