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Front Loader Garbage Truck Advantages

Front loader garbage vehicles are exactly what their name suggests. The automated hydraulic arm lifts the waste bin from the front. How is this beneficial over other disposal truck models? Learn of the front loader garbage truck advantages and how adding one to your waste disposal business can benefit your financial bottom line.

How Are Front Loader Garbage Trucks Beneficial?

With a front loader garbage truck, the operator can just position the vehicle directly in front of the disposal bin. Once the bin is emptied, the truck can just back up and move onto the next refuse container. The entire process per bin takes seconds and doesn’t require a second manual worker. This is especially useful in certain commercial settings where waste bins may be positioned in the center and not to the side, like in a residential alleyway.

The hydraulic arm is also versatile and can lift most bin types, from the standard city-issued residential bin to most commercial bins. In some models, the arm can handle immense loads, with higher-end models having a 10,000-pound capacity. This makes the front loader an invaluable addition when servicing industries in construction, demolition, scrap metal recycling, and related sectors.

In addition, most newer model trucks have what is known as “pack-on-the-go hydraulics.” This expedites route times by enabling the operator to pack loads without fully halting the vehicle. The end result is a seamless transition from bin to bin. This cuts down drastically on time and manual labor.

Front Loaders Have Evolved

Modern front loaders are more efficient than their predecessors from as recent as a decade ago. Technology and craftsmanship have evolved by leaps and bounds. Some new features on recent models include an interlaced ladder subfloor foundation, double-walled and lapped hopper sides, and tailgate locks. Max payloads are also on the rise despite a gradual decrease in base vehicle weight. This minimizes the total number of trips to the landfill, thus saving time and fuel costs.

Add an Automated Front Loader Truck to Your Inventory

Streamline your operation and service routes by having a diverse array of trucks in your fleet. The benefits of front loader garbage trucks are many, and it will enable your company to serve varying routes and roads that may present difficulty for other garbage trucks. Call Big Truck Rental; our garbage truck rental has an ever-expanding inventory to suit demanding industry-specific needs.


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