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Everything You Need to Know About LaBrie Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Our rental inventory only includes a select number of garbage truck manufacturers. We only partner with manufacturers that have a proven reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. LaBrie is one brand that has earned our trust. Find out why a LaBrie front loader garbage truck rental is a smart solution for streamlining daily commercial pickups in Canada.

Why Choose a LaBrie Front Loader Garbage Truck?

LaBrie is known for its Wittke™ front loader garbage trucks, suitable for most commercial applications. The Wittke front loaders are known for their low maintenance cost and one of the fastest hydraulic arm cycles in the industry. The vehicles are far more sustainable compared to traditional diesel-powered trucks and emit 23% less greenhouse emissions.

Two Options to Meet Your Industry Needs

Due to varying factors like routes and municipal regulations, no one truck may be suitable for all applications. This is why LaBrie has two front loader models to select from: the Wittke Starlight and Wittke Superduty.

The Starlight is a low weight truck known for its agility and easy maneuverability around tight spots and angles. Despite its relatively compact size, it maintains the max legal payload capacity and is also known for its quick lifting cycles. Starlight is the go-to option if your routes include narrow alleyways, or you wish to include residential runs in your commercial pickups.

The other option is the Wittke Superduty, and its name explains it all. This truck is made for collecting commercial bins that exceed typical weight limits, all while maintaining a low cost of operation and maintenance.

Additional Features

Both the Starlight and Superduty contain a number of noteworthy features and specifications that contribute to their reputation. This includes a plow-shaped packer panel constructed from durable chromium overlay, a robust tailgate auto-latch, and Durascope packer cylinders.

Get a LaBrie Front Loader Rental Today

Rely on Big Truck Rental for front loader garbage truck solutions. Take advantage of our flexible short- and long-term contracts to test out the trucks and see for yourself if LaBrie front loader garbage trucks live up to their reputation. Contact us today to start a new contract in the Canadian region (Labrie front loader garbage truck rentals are only available in Canada).

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