Waste Management News

What Are the Types of Waste to Dispose with Trash Removal Services?

Humans produce a lot of waste; that’s just the raw truth. In fact, the average adult produces four pounds of waste every day. We emphasize that’s per person and not per household. With so much waste output, we have a responsibility to dispose of the garbage in a responsible manner. Waste, though, falls in different categories, each…
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What Is the 2020 Waste Management Vision?

What is the vision for the waste industry as we head into 2020 and the dawn of a new decade? Some areas that will be addressed are the ways to reduce waste and improve operations during routine garbage pickups, how to incorporate AI to improve efficiency, and how to increase health and safety in the industry. Incorporation…
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How Restaurants Are Prioritizing Food Waste Prevention

The average restaurant in the U.S. creates roughly 50 tons of food waste each year. Furthermore, in non-fast food restaurants, food waste accounts for 11.3% of an establishment’s total food output. This is a lot of food that ends up in the landfill, enough to feed an entire population in developing countries. Fortunately, many restauranteurs are aware…
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2019 Waste and Recycling Recap

2019 has been anything but a mundane year for the recycling sector. Let’s look back at some of the news within the disposal and recycling field. New Legislation Introduced on America Recycles Day Not many people are aware that a recycling-related holiday exists. Well, it does, and it’s called America Recycles Day (ARD), celebrated on November 15th.…
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Tips to Reduce Packaging Waste

Packaging generates a gargantuan amount of waste. This is especially so in the era of ordering goods online. A single delivery driver for Amazon, for example, delivers an average of 250 packages in a single shift. In 2017 alone, over five billion orders were placed through the online retail giant. That is a lot of packaging material…
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What to Do with Waste During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. Aside from the shopping, dinners, and carols, there is also a less glamorous side. With the holidays come increased waste. What becomes of the Christmas tree (both real and fake), the wrapping paper, and food scraps? Most find a permanent home in the landfill. While no one should minimize their fun,…
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