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Maintenance Tips for Your Yard Dog Truck

Since 1970, McNeilus has been a leading manufacturer of garbage and heavy industry trucks. It has been so successful because of its focus on customer support and satisfaction. From onboard diagnostic systems made with the operator and maintenance crews in mind to a comprehensive training course for drivers, you’re guaranteed to have the resources you need when renting a McNeilus truck from Big Truck Rental.

How McNeilus Puts Control In Your Hands

When garbage truck drivers are out on their collection routes, they must be self-sufficient and able to troubleshoot. Fortunately, McNeilus makes that easy with its patented CODE system or Controls On Demand Environment. It is a diagnostic system that helps drivers troubleshoot and resolve issues. For example, if a fuse blows, CODE will identify its location and function. The driver won’t have to waste time checking every fuse to determine which one failed.


The CODE system also includes adjustable parameters, such as arm speeds, cushioning zones, and pack cycle functions, giving the driver greater control over their truck. It even features status messages and maintenance reminders so your operators always know when preventative action is needed.

The McNeilus Technician Training Service

Since 2018, McNeilus has offered a three-day program on properly servicing the trucks they manufacture, with courses on safety, controls, monitoring hydraulics, and much more. You can also choose which courses your technicians take based on the trucks in your fleet. This training program is offered across the United States, so no matter where your company is located, your maintenance team will become experts in diagnostics and troubleshooting the McNeilus trucks in your fleet.

Around-the-Clock Technical Support from McNeilus

If the CODE system and McNeilus’s training services aren’t enough, McNeilus also offers an extensive network of service centers and technicians to help support your fleet. These support services can perform hydraulic and electrical system repairs, welding and fabrication, body refurbishing, preventative maintenance, and more tasks as needed.



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If you’re looking to add a McNeilus garbage truck to your company’s fleet, consider a rear loader truck rental from Big Truck Rental. We offer a range of dependable garbage trucks, including McNeilus and other respected manufacturers, with short- and long-term rental options. If you like your rental enough, we also offer purchase options on many of our vehicles! Give us a call, or start browsing our trucks for rent today!

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