Rent-to-Purchase Garbage Truck Rental Service

How Long Should I Keep My Garbage Truck?

Waste hauling companies should consider selling their garbage trucks when the vehicle is relatively new and still has lots of value to offer. Waiting too long to arrange a sale means you’ll get less money for the vehicle than you would normally. It can also mean that you’re unable to sell the item at all, which leaves…
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What Are the Rent-to-Purchase Garbage Truck Plan Maintenance Obligations?

When you choose a rent-to-purchase agreement for a garbage truck, you have a contractual obligation to care for the vehicle while it’s in your possession. Your rent-to-purchase garbage truck obligations are outlined in the agreement form. As a renter, you will know exactly what is expected in terms of daily maintenance and general care. Why Maintenance Is…
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What Are the Requirements for a Rent-to-Purchase Plan?

More waste hauling services are gravitating towards truck rentals, at least as an initial step, before committing to a purchase later down the road. A rent-to-purchase at Big Truck Rental is designed to meet the needs of refuse companies choosing to test out the latest garbage trucks before deciding whether a truck’s performance warrants a purchase. To…
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How Long Does a Rent-to-Purchase Garbage Truck Plan Last?

Many waste hauling companies have an inventory of garbage trucks that consist of a combination of owned and rented vehicles. More companies are looking into rental as a means to expand their fleet and gain access to the latest refuse truck technology. While short– and long-term contracts are viable options at Big Truck Rental, we also have…
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What Are the Benefits of a Rent-to-Purchase Garbage Truck Plan?

More waste hauling companies are turning to short- and long-term rentals to supplement their existing fleet. This ensures immediate access to the latest garbage truck technology, design, and specs. Another option is a rent-to-purchase contract. What are the rent-to-purchase garbage truck benefits and why are more refuse services gravitating towards this solution as an investment strategy? Rent-to…
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What Type of Garbage Truck Is Recommended for a Rent-to-Purchase Plan?

Fleet expansion is an integral part of the waste hauling industry. Companies expand their inventory to stay competitive, secure contracts, and improve on-the-job efficiency. This is where a rent-to-purchase garbage truck plan becomes useful for companies wishing to test out the latest truck models and potentially make a purchase later down the line. We identify the type…
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