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How To Make Hydraulic Pressure Adjustments on a Rear Loader Garbage Truck

Truck maintenance is integral for optimizing operational efficiency. With a rear load garbage truck, this goes beyond the typical oil, tire, and suspension check. Rear loader hydraulic pressure adjustment is also necessary. Find out how this is done on a typical rear load garbage truck rental.

Why Perform Hydraulic Pressure Adjustment?

Less-than-optimal hydraulic pressure can lead to several issues. One common problem is cavitation, which occurs when the pump inlet doesn’t receive adequate oil. This is due to too much vacuum that causes the oil molecules to stretch and form gas bubbles within the pump cavity, leading to excessive heat that prematurely degrades the wearplate surface.

Another issue is over-pressurization, which occurs when the pressure relief valve is not properly adjusted and can result in damage to the hose and cylinder packing. The pressure relief valve protects the system from pressure spikes, but the valve may not be able to react correctly if the pressure spikes too quickly.

Finally, improper hydraulic pressure can lead to aeration. This occurs when excess air enters the pump via a faulty inlet line or pin hole. The consequence is excess vacuum and heat, much like the problems stemming from cavitation.

How to Adjust the Hydraulic Pressure

Refer to your rear loader operator manual to determine the standard operating procedure for adjusting the hydraulic pressure. The steps are similar for all modern garbage trucks, but be sure to refer to the manual or tutorial for the specific brand you’re renting out.

Heil, one of the leading garbage truck manufacturers, has a tutorial video on its site for one of its signature models, the Heil Durapack 5000 rear loader, which we carry in our inventory. Similarly, there are instructional videos on hydraulic pressure adjustment for the McNeilus rear loaders, another trusted brand whose trucks we offer for rental.

Expanding Your Fleet? Call Big Truck Rental

Fleet expansion may be necessary at some point to accommodate the rising demand for residential and commercial waste pickup. Contact Big Truck Rental to enquire about the trucks we currently have on inventory. Our garbage truck rental plans come with flexible contracts that cover long- and short-term rentals.

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