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4 Reasons Why You Should Start Tracking Your Trash Routes

Historically, the process of determining which garbage trucks travel on which routes has been a matter of paper maps, spreadsheets, and occasional phone calls. The advent of the Internet, however, has changed nearly every business and industry on the planet, and waste management is no different. GPS tracking, cloud-based data management, and specialized programs allow modern waste management companies to optimize their routes, saving them both time and money.

If your company is still relying on old-school methods for tracking and managing its trash routes, here are four reasons to consider upgrading when choosing your next garbage truck rental.

1. Better Route Planning and Management

A key feature in many GPS tracking systems is displaying abnormalities or hazards on the road. With a reliable data feed, drivers can be alerted to potential hazards, such as car crashes or street debris, and shown alternate routes that let them avoid danger. Additionally, if a waste management company is tasked with helping to clear street debris, GPS tracking can locate the closest waste truck in the field and show them the quickest route to their destination.

In a less immediate sense, data from tracked routes can indicate changing customer footprints and traffic patterns, information that is critical for making adjustments to collection routes.

2. Better Time Management and Scheduling

One of the most important factors for any waste management company is time: how long it takes to get from point A to B while picking up the trash along the way. GPS tracking allows a company to ensure that its trucks are following their assigned routes, and to determine how quickly they do so. This enables companies to take corrective measures if drivers aren’t following their assigned routes or are taking too long.

Additionally, some modern GPS devices can interface with a vehicle’s diagnostic system to provide performance data and warn of scheduled maintenance thresholds. This makes planning maintenance routines and schedules that much easier.

3. Easier Time Resolving Customer Disputes

It’s an unfortunate truth that waste management companies face complaints from customers that their trash wasn’t collected. A company that uses route tracking software, however, has empirical evidence that shows where a truck has and has not been. This evidence can then be used to determine if a driver missed a stop, or if that location is no longer on the company’s routes.

4. Improved Driver Safety

As some of the other reasons have hinted at, tracking trucks on their routes can also greatly improve driver safety. Due to their size and top-heavy nature, waste management trucks are harder to maneuver and control than most other vehicles. This means that following proper safety parameters for things like driving speed and turning habits is the highest priority.

Tracking devices can identify periods of unsafe behavior, such as exceeding speed limits or taking turns too quickly, and enable the company to correct those behaviors.

If you’re interested in upgrading your waste management fleet with route-tracking software solutions, we invite you to browse our garbage truck rental options. Our trucks come from top industry brands like Mack, Peterbilt, and Freightliner, with modern logistical and data-tracking technologies included!



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