ACTT 4 x 2 Off-Road Terminal Tractor Rental

Rugged and reliable, the ACTT 4×2 off-road shunt truck offers premium features like a large cab, powerful Cummins engine, impact-resistant windshield, intuitive controls, and easy-to-access entry and exit points.

Because this Autocar terminal tractor is designed for off-road use, you won’t have to worry about strict DOT regulations that apply to on-road vehicles. This makes it a great choice for use within the grounds of your distribution center, rail terminal, or other private facility.

By renting this outstanding truck from Big Truck Rental, you’ll enjoy added advantages like fast delivery, flexible rental terms, and freedom from repair hassles. Contact us today to learn more about our terminal tractor rentals and get things moving.

Autocar ACTT 4 x 2 Off-Road Truck

The Autocar ACTT 4×2 Off-Road terminal tractor comes with the following features:

  • A Cummins engine mated to an Allison 3500/3500 RDS transmission – check our current inventory for the exact specs.
  • Spacious cab dimensions – 52 inches wide and 71 inches deep with a 78-inch raised roof. Cab is supported by 3–4-point spring- or air-based suspension.
  • State-of-the-art climate control system – including ice-cold air conditioning and a 44,000 BTU fresh air heater.
  • Wraparound windshield – made from damage-resistant laminated glass with anti-UV tinted coating.
  • Easy electrical hookups – thanks to the 12–15-foot 7-way electric cable and attached receptacle.
  • Large rear door – 24 inches wide and 72 inches high. Makes getting in and out of the cab easier and safer.
  • Dual SST West Coast mirrors – to give the operator a clear view of what’s going on behind the truck.
  • Steel wraparound dash with large gauges and easy-to-use controls – for ease of operation.
  • Translucent sun visor – keeps bright light out of the operator’s eyes.
  • Multiple power outlets – including a 12-volt outlet and two USB connections.

Autocar Terminal Tractors and Our Easy Rental Terms: The Winning Combination for Your Team

The advantages of our terminal tractor trucks to rent include quick access to the vehicles you need without the long-term commitment of a traditional purchase. In most cases, we deliver vehicles directly to our customers in less than 48 hours.

 But fast service is only one of the benefits of working with our company. Others include:

  • Freedom from repair worries – you’re not responsible for any type of work on the truck other than routine daily upkeep and regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Flexible terms – we offer short-term, long-term, and rent-to-purchase plans.
  • A wide range of vehicles from which to choose – all of our trucks are built by leading manufacturers and ready now for you to take possession.
  • Outstanding customer service – provided by our highly trained team of experts.

Now is the time to obtain the vehicles you need without the hassles you don’t. Contact us today to get a quote. You’ll soon be on the road to higher profits.