Long-Term Garbage Truck Rental Plan for Servicing Short-Term Contracts

Big Truck Rental offers flexible garbage truck rental plans that grow and adapt with your business. A short contract job may not justify the purchase of a new garbage truck to service the route. There are times when waste haulers receive tentative new contracts that are not guaranteed, but offer the possibility for extension. Whether you need a short-term rental for less than six months, or a long-term rental for up to 18 months, Big Truck Rental has you covered.

Who needs a garbage truck rental plan for servicing short-term contracts?

We’ve been in the business since 2002 and we understand the pressures modern waste haulers face. A typical waste hauler may get a municipal contract for five years with multiple year extensions. In those cases, it makes sense to buy a new truck, as you could get close to 10 years with the extensions.

However, there are other cases, where your new contracts may only be a year or two – in which case, the cost of buying a new vehicle represents a risk to your business’s viability. Examples of short-term contracts include:

  • Military bases
  • Industrial
  • Emergencies
  • Natural Disasters

Many customers come to us after receiving emergency waste/recycling contracts for one year with the possibility of a five-year extension. They opt for a long-term rental agreement for the flexibility of returning the vehicles, should they lose the contract, or purchasing them, should they win the extension.

Options for your long-term garbage truck rental plan to service short-term contracts

People choose Big Truck Rental for their hauling fleet rental due to our prompt, professional service. We can get a garbage truck to almost anywhere in the US or Canada within 48 hours! Our fleet is young and well-maintained.

We offer the following options:

  • Different types of trucks: Roll-offs, Front loaders, Rear loaders, or Side loaders
  • Different brands: Freightliner, Peterbilt, Mack, Wittke, Heil, McNeilus, Labrie
  • Flexible terms: Short-term, Long-term, or Rent-to-Purchase plans

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There is a very real need for flexibility within the waste hauling industry, particularly because cash flow can become a serious obstacle for fleets of all sizes. Big Truck Rental enables you to THINK BIG and go after contracts both big and small, without fear of market volatility. No location is too far, no problem is too big, and no need is too small. Stay on-track and under-budget by using creative fleet management solutions. Big Truck Rental goes the extra mile for you to keep your refuse fleet up and running as efficiently as possible, without straining your immediate cash reserves. Contact us for more information or request a free garbage truck rental quote.