Garbage Truck Rental for Unexpected Situations

Big Truck Rental covers instant garbage truck rental and short-term rental needs for companies across North America, big or small. In this industry, you never know what unexpected road bumps will come along. You can, however, plan for situations by mobilizing a rental fleet that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice.

Since 2002, our company CEO Scott Dols has helped waste collection companies THINK BIG and expand their footprint within budget. With a strong supply pipeline and strong capital outlook, we are well positioned to face whatever challenges come our way – and yours. We offer a reliable partnership you can count on throughout the years as you grow your company and adapt to change.

While other competitors have imitated our business model, they haven’t been as quick to offer the latest technology and newest model trucks. No one gets the fleet to market as quickly as we do! Need a truck or dozens of trucks within 48-72 hours? We’ll bridge that gap for you, rolling out our fleet, so you can continue collecting without a hiccup.

Instant garbage truck rental helps you prepare for any situation

There are many surprising reasons you may need instant garbage truck rental. Unexpected situations include:

Financing delays – Loans for the commercial trucking sector are nowhere near as easy to come by as the typical auto loan. Sometimes waste collectors have to wait on the city to approve financing, which could be fraught with roadblocks and setbacks.
New equipment delays – Investing in new trucks is a reasonable solution, but it can take nine months to a year to get the custom orders off the assembly line.
Breakdowns – As you know, garbage truck breakdowns are all too common. It takes time and money to replace these trucks – a gap that can be bridged by instant garbage truck rentals.
Fires – Sometimes a load of refuse ignites on fire, bringing the day’s work to a grinding halt. While the truck is dumping the trash into the street and working with firefighters to get the blaze under control and cleaned up, you could have another truck rolling out to cover the rest of the route without delay.
Storms – Sudden hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, and snow storms can greatly increase the need for debris collection. The lucrative opportunity is available only to flexible companies with fleet availability. We typically see a huge surge of garbage truck rental demand when a storm hits.
Changing requirements & regulations – The Dallas, TX head of sanitation was notified he had less than 90 days to add 23 new garbage trucks to his fleet for the “Too Good To Throw Away” recycling program. At the same time, a number of trucks needed to be replaced to stay in line with emissions standards.
New technology uncertainty – In Jacksonville, FL, new trucks came with dysfunctional chasses and computerized engines that had trouble with monitors and emissions.
Special events – In recent years, municipalities like New York City have strategically used strong, sand-filled waste trucks to protect against terrorism and security threats for high-profile events. You may never know when you’ll be called upon for additional support.

Garbage truck rental plans from Big Truck Rental

Garbage truck rental plans can be arranged for a month, six months, or anything in between. We also offer long-term rentals and have a rent-to-purchase program. Big Truck Rental offers top-of-the-line equipment by big names like McNeilus, Mack, Peterbilt, Labrie, Wittke, and Heil. Choose from front loaders, rear loaders, side loaders, or roll-offs that are less than 24 months old, impeccably maintained to manufacturer specifications.

We make short-term garbage truck rentals fast and easy

A short-term garbage truck rental partner helps you keep a profitable business running, no matter what unexpected situations arise. Big Truck Rental operates from two headquarters – one in Tampa, Florida, and another in Markham, Ontario – but we’ve got trucks ready to roll at outlets across the country. Our drivers are prepared to drive all night long in order to bring a fleet to you in time.

To get started with a garbage truck rental, you’ll need to carry insurance with at least $1 million in liability and $200,000 for physical damage coverage and a refundable security deposit of $1,500. After you sign our agreement, we accept payments by cash, cashier’s check, wire transfer, and credit card. You’ll be responsible for minor repairs, insurance claims, and routine maintenance needs while you rent, but we guarantee the vehicles you receive are in top condition.

Contact Big Truck Rental to learn more about our terms and conditions, discuss specific fleet needs, or to find out how easy it is to get the trucks you need delivered to your doorstep instantly. We answer calls promptly and professionally, so you feel like our only customer.