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Media Release: Big Truck Rental to be known as BTR

TAMPA, FLORIDA – April 10, 2023 – Big Truck Rental, North America’s leading essential services rental vehicle provider to be known as BTR – Big Truck Rental (BTR). BTR has been North America’s number one source for rental trucks in the waste industry for over 20 years, but BTR is now more than just renting garbage trucks. The change reflects the growth BTR has experienced and the plans for strategic expansion.

“BTR marks a new era for our operating brands, Big Truck Rental and Route Ready. Today’s ever-changing environment requires a partner who understands the business needs of our customers,” said Zach Martin, President. “Whether renting with Big Truck Rental, buying from Route Ready, or supplying a comprehensive rental fleet strategy with Complete Fleet, BTR is the reliable partner with specialized solutions for unique needs.”

As the parent brand, customers will continue to select from BTR’s different brands and services. Rent from Big Truck Rental’s comprehensive list of rental programs, including Complete Fleet. BTR is also now offering terminal tractors to support the movement of semitrailers within the confines of privately owned facilities. Purchase off-rent from Route Ready, the leading reseller of used trucks in the environmental services industry.

“For over 20 years, Big Truck Rental has been providing the support for our customers to flex their fleet and grow their business,” said Scott Dols, CEO. “With the introduction of BTR as the parent brand, I am very proud to be showcasing how we’re strategically evolving and scaling up to meet the needs of tomorrow.”


BTR is North America’s leading source for essential services rental and off-rent vehicles. Founded in 2002 as “Big Truck Rental” by CEO Scott Dols, BTR provides access to these vehicles through direct sales and partner service locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. As the provider of specialized solutions for unique needs, BTR, through brands Big Truck Rental and Route Ready, is focused on working with operational and fleet leaders to support growth, reduce costs and maximize asset utilization with top-of-the-line, new, like-new, and off-rent equipment—all Powered by BTR.

For more information on BTR, call 888-772-0058.

Further information:

Contact: Zach Martin
Title: President
Company: BTR – Big Truck Rental
Phone: (304) 215-2929
Email: zach@bigtruckrental.com

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